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With clever job re-design, people are discovering they can enjoy better work-life balance by job-sharing, without compromising career progression and promotion.

And finding a job-share partner has never been easier!

Post your job (withholding who you work for) and see who is out there who can do what you do. If you post a job and no-one is interested, we don’t charge you. Also, there is no obligation for you to follow through on connecting with any interested applicants. What have you got to lose?


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About Us

“Care about gender equity? So do I. Should everyone have equal access to opportunity in employment? Of course. Having fair and equal access for all to participate in work requires new ways of thinking around flexibility. sharemyjob is my way of exploring the possibilities in allowing employees to find, through a kind of social recruitment model, a way to achieve a best fit for how you live and work. Use our job share finder platform to seek someone with whom you can share your job, present these options to your employer, or apply for any full time job together as job share partners, and see how much better your life can be.”

CEO & Founder, Rachel Mence.